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Will You Keep All of My Mistakes?

Hours earlier, I arrive at The Casbah in the worst shirt I could find. A Hawaiian button-up that appeared to have been hoisted off of Anthony Bourdain’s back in a 2008 episode of ‘No Reservations’. Something a dad would dress up in while at a Fiesta Island BBQ. Or maybe an outfit that Elliott Gould would wear inside of a Barstow diner.

20 Years Later, ‘Clouds All Day’ Still a Gem

Two guitarists from San Diego have confirmed my belief in God: Buddy Blue and Kevin Ring. Blue could play the ever loving crap out of a blues solo and the image of his greased back hair, cuffed jeans and obligatory snarl will forever seal his place in my top two favorite guitarists I’ve ever known. The other is Kevin Ring.

Interview w/ Turnover

Turnover – Austin Getz, Casey Getz, Eric Soucy and Danny Dempsey – have created a mosaic of illusory, intangible, and yet familiar imagery. With the band’s latest release, Peripheral Vision, the Virginia Beach natives lend themselves to a rip current of dreamlike compositions.

Interview w/ Jamar Taylor

Cleveland Browns corner Jamar Taylor’s skill set includes anticipatory reflexes, high football IQ, and inimitable tangibles that you don’t often see in most players. The former Boise State Bronco and Helix Highlander was a second round pick in the 2013 NFL draft, and, as of this year, will be playing on a highly rejuvenated and talented Browns team.

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The Sound of Silence

Why do I love silent films? It’s both a simple and a complex question. The simple answer is that they’re movies and I pretty much love every genre you can think of and then a few more.

High School Favorites: Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Bleed American’

Look, I want to write about the bands I loved in high school and what songs used to make me cry before I starting crying over real things, like paying my rent and disappointing my mother with my lack of realistic career goals.

Criterion Critique: Z

The political unrest and paranoia of this film mirrors our current social climate to a point beyond familiarity. It makes itself accessible to the populace in a way that is still relevant.

July Wrap-Up: New Editor & New Features

This month we received sad and sudden news: former assistant editor Tom Bevis would be leaving us to deliver a series of lectures at his alma mater, Providence College. With heavy hearts, we bid goodbye to the bearded poet laureate and, in the wake of this vacancy, moved forward with our new assistant editor, Andy Ferguson.


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