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Halftime: The Best Songs of 2016 (So Far)

So far, 2016 has offered an eclectic blast of bubblegum and gunpowder (Lisa Prank), spectral 80s pop (Niki & The Dove), and lyrical sky shows of self-effacing honesty (Aesop Rock).

The Thermals, Summer Cannibals, Colleen Green

With “Happy Birfday Jeff” colorfully crisscrossed against the hull of her guitar – if you don’t know, that shit is legendary – the Massachusetts native killed with a dedicated barrage of Jameson drinking and killer singing.

Anohni: Hopelessness

It’s almost a weirdly timed shame that this album released during the whirlwind of surprise drops from Beyonce, James Blake, and Radiohead, because it is every bit as good (and really, better) than all of them.

Interview w/ Computer Magic

Science-fiction, NASA, plumes of kicked up dirt behind the wheels of a DeLorean. Computer Magic’s hypnotic oeuvre revolves around themes of emotional wanderlust, illusory control, and the tenuous ebb of self-exploration.

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Top 5 Darwyn Cooke Comics

Spanning decades, publishers, genres, and themes, it’s impossible to discount Darwyn Cooke’s impact on the artistry and narrative of the medium. Cooke’s style — a simplified yet powerful homage to the artistry of the Golden Age — has been a refreshing cornerstone of DC and popular comics since the 1990’s.

Where Did DC Comics Go Wrong?

DC failed where Marvel succeeded because DC never established the ground rules of their new universe in the first place. Instead, they did a hard reboot, set the stories five years later, and then ran in every direction possible.

Eric Powell’s Albatross Funnybooks Returns

Just reading The Goon felt fun and fresh and original, and it was never too hard to imagine that that was how Eric Powell must have felt when he was creating it. In return, Powell got a lifetime reader in me. And that lifetime reader woke up to some pretty awesome news this morning: Powell is pushing his independent comic publisher Albatross Funnybooks into top gear.

Grizzlyshark #1

Notice I didn’t say mutant sharks, hybrid sharks, alien sharks, or any other possible title that could be used to explain how or why these creatures are where they are. How do they breathe? How do they move? How are they suited to this environment? Sorry, this isn’t that kind of book.


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