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Salute to Gabriel Teodros

Furthering his break from the archetypal rapper, his unabashed reflections on his insecurities impacted me deeply. Hip-Hop is driven by bravado, even in the conscientious circles. Teodros rejects this tone and instead offers a soberly candid voice void of self-aggrandizing pretenses.

The Drones: Feelin Kinda Free

It seems to be an unfortunate reality that, even after a good decade and a half of releasing material, too few ears in the US have had the pleasure of witnessing the sounds of the Aussie group, The Drones.

Interview w/ The Traditional

With their latest record, How To Live Without Blood, The Traditional – Anthony Musior, Michael Bienias, Jon Coric – create a mosaic of geography, regret, sincerity, and resilience.

Silversun Pickups @ The Observatory

After Joywave finished their carbonated and buoyant set, Silversun Pickets mounted an immediate assault. Wasting few moments, lead singer Brian Aubert christened the microphone with his powerful – and yet hushed – delivery.

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Grizzlyshark #1

Notice I didn’t say mutant sharks, hybrid sharks, alien sharks, or any other possible title that could be used to explain how or why these creatures are where they are. How do they breathe? How do they move? How are they suited to this environment? Sorry, this isn’t that kind of book.

Dept H #1

Based on the first issue alone, it would be difficult to sum up the story of Dept H in a way that sounds complete. In the most simplest terms, it’s a bottle mystery, wherein an outside investigator — Mia — is called in to a sealed research facility on the ocean floor to solve a murder. But there’s so much more going on here than an isolated whodunit.

Batman: A Fan’s Quest to Fix Fandom

As Comic book fans, we believe our role in the comics industry to be obvious and undeniable. We are clearly and unarguably the very life force that allows our favorite heroes to thrive. It is through our generously provided love and slavish devotion that these characters have been allowed to endure.

Turncoat #1

This is an unconventional sci-fi story, written as an old detective noir. It comes complete with all and layers of grit, grime, and hard-nosed fast talking characters straight out of the 40s that you would expect from that particular genre.


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