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Fashion Fundamentals w/ The Traditional

In advance of The Traditional’s upcoming album, The Queen of Heaven, we interviewed Anthony Musior about formal wear; the rugged, heel-thumping importance of Nikes; and the empirical greatness of sunglasses.

Interview w/ Mozart’s Sister

Caila Thompson-Hannant’s kaleidoscopic iridescence is both saltwater taffy and tall shadows. Operating as Mozart’s Sister, the Montréal-based artist draws wavy chalk lines that are hopelessly full of life.

Noveller: A Pink Sunset for No One

It should come as no surprise to hear that Lipstate is also a filmmaker in her own right, and listening to the cavernous hums and swirling guitars, here, only makes you hope that she’ll release a companion movie at some point in the near future.

Thiessen, Cousins Are Ultimate One-Two Punch

Cousins racks the shotgun by spinning in a heap of wires, mashing the microphone, and roaring on the floor of the iconic City Heights venue. The one-two punch of Thiessen and Cousins may be the best in rock music right now.

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Listen to What You Watch: 10 Film Scores

There are plenty of great film scores that leave an impression on your ears, your heart or your soul. When they do that, you know they’ve done their job. Here’s ten that I love.

The Importance of Christopher Nolan

But what makes Nolan particularly potent is that he extends beyond the excessive maw of comic books and makes artistically noteworthy cinema.

6 Potential Future Oscar Hosts

It is long past time to kick the fashion police and TMZ to the curb. They add nothing to the evening. Their banter is annoying, insulting and sexist.

The Art & Exploration of Middle Eastern Cinema

In America we view our freedom of the press as an everyday way of life–a privilege we often don’t recognize while throwing scorn at other countries for it. With Trump’s Muslim ban, enacted last week, we saw the first inklings of shutting out the outside world.


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