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Interview w/ Niki & The Dove

The Swedish duo of Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf created an album that spoke to the smoke and mirrors of memories, the deep, unyielding pain of love, and the sociopolitical unease of 2016.

Interview w/ Bearcats

Lisa Harrison and Lexi McCoy of Bearcats create chaotic harmonies that bay, thump, and brawl. Basically, they’re rad – why bury the lead? With their latest release, “Break Up Stories”, the band confiscates any notion of placidity and delivers one of the best EPs of 2016.

Interview w/ Horrible/Adorable

In wanting to get some hot takes from Horrible/Adorable on songwriting, pizza life, and the raddest of enamel pins, we caught up with the bay area’s finest Neapolitan rockers.

Ex-Girlfriends Drop New Single, “Slay”

If this is a faithful indicator, “Slay” is the perfect bayonet charge for the New York-based band’s debut LP, “You’re Next”.

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The Changing Face of Film Criticism

As an art form itself, criticism can be educational, confrontational, enlightening or a blunt instrument against the art or the artist.

Coachella: Satire, Satisfaction & Sunscreen

By the time my friends and I found our car, on the final evening of the festival, the windshield of my then girlfriend’s car was crawling with moths the size of coin rolls.

Breaking: Summer Cannibals Best Band on Twitter

The Hades River known as Twitter is mostly awful. Acerbic trolls slither around avatars of esoteric cartoon characters. Dudes that look like 1996 Ethan Hawke want to explain things to women, using haughty and negligent language that makes all sentient – and rational – people want to swandive off a cliff.

The Ten Best Albums of 2016

There’s no question that we’re living in an uncertain, tension-filled time, and the importance of art has never been greater. Thankfully, one of the few positive takeaways from a year filled with gloom was the monumentally terrific outpouring of excellent music.


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