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Anthony Musior // Photo by Michael Silvestri

The Traditional eschew effervescent buoyancy in favor of grimy, sweat-shellacked melodies that feel of rubble and malaise. The Buffalo-based band — Anthony Musior, Jon Coric, Michael Bienias — root through bluish memories, bay with urgency, and create compositions that leave confessional teeth marks. The trio’s dichotomy of vulnerable lyrics crosshatch, expertly, against igneous guitar riffs and swelling choruses. In advance of The Traditional’s upcoming album, The Queen of Heaven, we interviewed Anthony Musior about formal wear; the rugged, heel-thumping importance of Nikes; and the empirical greatness of sunglasses. 


Rob Patrick: What sort of shoes are the most important to wear on tour for both durability and aesthetic? How many pairs do you usually bring? How often do you go through them? Are all of these questions overbearing?

Anthony Musior: I typically wear what my friends call “Dad Nikes”. They’re just the plain ass black Nike tennis shoes with the white swoosh. They’re super durable. They’re not made to be the “cool new fashion shoe!” but they last forever and I love how they look with jeans. I usually just bring the one pair and a pair of flip flops (weather permitting) because that’s all you need. I usually get a new pair every 5-6 months or when they are unwearable. I like how they look beat up too. I feel overwhelmed by not only the amount of shoe questions, but also how I assume I sound raving about these particular shoes.


When you perform for a live audience, what kind of clothes are not only most comfortable but make a statement about your personality and band?

You can usually catch me in a T-Shirt that’s somehow Buffalo related. Always Buffalo Bills, Lockhouse Vodka, local Buffalo bands/venues, or something along those lines. If not that then it’s the shirt of a band we’re on tour with/have toured with, or label related. The t is just for comfort but I like to wear something that really screams what I represent, and that’s that I’m from Buffalo and fuck you. Always Levi 510’s on the bottom half of this rippin’ bod.


What is the most important fashion tip you can give to someone?

Be yourself about fashion, man. Wear things you like and feel comfortable in. Be your own person. Buy things that you think are dope.


Please tell me about sunglasses and the best styles of sunglasses. This is clearly a pressing topic.

I love this because I just recently bought a $12 pair of sunglasses and was like “Whoa, should I really be doing this?!”. I like any sunglasses that have wood grain rims. I don’t know why. Mostly because I like my face to look like an ’80s station wagon I think.


If I’m going to get a tattoo in Buffalo, what artist should I see and what shop should I drive to?

I go to Divine Machine on Elmwood Ave. My homie Scott Sonner works there and he kills. They have so many dope artists in that shop as well. Literally any kind of tattoo you want, someone in that shop can do.


Do you have sock game, and if so, go on about it for awhile.

My sock game is beat haha. I have all of the basic styles of socks and don’t really care what ones make it on to my feet. I was just thinking about how many socks I have today. I pretty much wait until my mom buys me them for Christmas and wear whatever she buys. Good woman that one. Real good woman.


Can beanies go together with formal wear?

No. Just no. Stop doing this.


Finally, who is your fashion icon?

I’m a big fan of the homeless people of Buffalo walking around in 1990s Bills starter jackets and torn up beanies. I also really like how Blink-182 dressed in the early 2000s. Someone should bring back tube socks and Dickies shorts. It’s not going to be me but I think someone else should.


Author: Rob Patrick

The program director of the Olympia Film Society, Rob is also a former San Diego Film Critics Society member. He has written for The East County Californian, The Alpine Sun, The East County Herald, The San Diego Entertainer, and the San Diego Reader. When he isn't curating a film festival, he is drinking rosé out of a plastic cup in Seattle or getting tattoos from Jenn Champion.

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