How To Make Sure Your Hairstylist Doesn’t Hate You


Ok, I know what you’re thinking: “Not all clients are bad!! I’m one of the good ones!!! I need a haircut so my ex wife Karen will love me again!!” Use this handy checklist to make sure your hairstylist doesn’t secretly want to tear your hair out.


Have a specific idea in your head: 


Give us words. Show us pictures. If you grunt noncommittally, don’t expect us to know what you want. Communication in the form of sign language, or singing is also acceptable.


 Realize that you are not going to look like a celebrity: 


Do not bring me a picture of Zooey Deschanel’s bangs, and then get upset when you look like a fourth grader. We’re not plastic surgeons. Get that Blake Lively picture out of my face!!


 Don’t just tell us what you like, tell us what you dislike: 


Be very specific! Tell us what bothers you about your hair, and what you love.  Hate texture? Great! Love your giant cowlick? Fantastic. Give us as much information as possible to work with.


 Realize your limits:

You can’t walk into a salon with box colored black hair, and expect to walk out platinum. While you may love a particular trend (e.g.pastel hair) it may not be realistic for you, especially if you’re naturally very dark, or your hair is compromised. Do your research, and be willing to do the necessary home care to maintain your hair. While going lighter, remember it is a process, and be patient. It’s better to have healthy hair than no hair at all! Be willing to invest in the proper products to ensure your $200 color will last, and buy your products from a salon if possible. Although stores may carry “professional” product, they are often expired, watered down, and repackaged.


Don’t talk shit about your previous hairstylists to us: 


There’s nothing worse than a client who insults their previous stylists. Saying “No one has been able to cut/color/etc. my hair the right way” is highly disrespectful. Go ahead and tell us what we can improve upon, but it’s a red flag when a client is being a huge hater right off the bat.


Do not, for any reason, look into our eyeballs as we shampoo you: 


Oh my god, what are you doing?? Have you ever been in public before? Please stop at once, I can’t take it anymore!! Just close your eyes and relax like a normal human being!!!! Every time someone makes eye contact while we’re shampooing them it takes 4 seconds off of our life span.


Please, please, please respect us enough to tip: 


Most of us are either paid hourly, or by commission. Either way, it’s not normally enough to survive on, especially for newer stylists. Tipping us shows us that you respect our time as well as our valiant efforts.


BE ON TIME (this one is huge, folks):


Appointments are often booked back to back, and even showing up 5 minutes late can throw our whole day off! Heck, even show up a few minutes early!!! Respect our time. If you need to cancel an appointment, call at least 24 hours in advance, so we have a chance to book someone else in your appointment slot.


Lastly, just be yourself!


Unless you’re a huge dick – maybe try to be someone else.


Author: Laura Pendergraft

Laura is an Ogle Graduate, Trendvision 2015 Semi Finalist, Licensed Hairstylist, and Cat Mom, born and raised in the DFW area. When she’s not doing hair, she’s either scaling walls, petting her cats, harassing men on Tinder, or tweeting. Laura has a passion for anything related to hair or fashion. Her crowning achievement was the watermelon seed spitting contest she won in the third grade.

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