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For this post my goal is to get readers/listeners up to speed with my taste of music. These songs are a compilation of the gems of the last 4 years that are must-knows. Just so you all know, it was TORTURE editing the list down to ten songs. Hope you enjoy!


Disclosure – Latch (TEEMID X Daniela Andrade)

I will start out with this track because, let’s face it, Disclosure is a must. I think everyone and their mother (including myself) have probably tried to belt this one out alongside Sam Smith (legend). To much surprise, I found a cover that can compete. The soft vocals in this cover compliment the funk, and the build up to the intense trap vibe at 1:25 and 2:43.

Rhye – 3 Days (Nick Monaco’s Retouch)

This song is exactly what you would expect if you know the R&B duo, Rhye, from LA (you should). A less instrumental and extended version, with a faster pace to it, by Nick Monaco. Still maintaining the beautiful vocals from the original, Monaco puts a funky-fresh spin on this gem.

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Gigamesh Edit)

Growing up, my dad would always listen to Fleetwood in the car. Somehow they have a way of being accessible to all generations. This Gigamesh Edit made minimal changes, playing up electronic funky sounds from the original, and have made me fall in love with this 1977 track.

Cosmo’s Midnight – Snare (feat. Wild Eyed Boy)

This electric/indie song was a complete stumble-upon (you’re welcome). This is an original, which you should know is very rare for me to love. The intro had me hooked in 20 seconds. These pauses and builds throughout the song, that change to the serene/higher-pitched vocals are what had me at hello.

Submotion Orchestra – Thinking (Maths Time Joy Remix)

No this is not the ear bleeding violin concert that you might think it is from the title. This song is a groovy, jazzy song with a little dub step feel. The percussion mixed with the other electronic sounds that fade in and out make this a super deep and chill track. Candle light is suggested.

A$AP Rocky x The Cinematic Orchestra x SWV – Phoenix (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

This may be the most chill song I have ever heard in my entire life. Something about it hits you straight in the feels. I think I may have teared up at the original by The CO. The addition of ASAP and Swv by Kill Them With Colour just knocks it out of the park and makes this song more relaxing and takes the emo down a notch. KTWC managed to beautifully mix the swagger of ASAP Rocky with a soft CO song.



James Vincent McMorrow – Higher Love (NineOne Remix)

I. Can’t. Even. First of all JVM is a beauty by himself. This cover of the original by Steve Winwood created in 1986, takes it out of the 80’s and into the NOW. I love 80’s music and I like this version better. This simple added percussion, added pauses, and softer vocals makes you want to dance and SCREAM this song at the top of your lungs.


:56. If you aren’t doing a model walk up to your bedroom mirror in your favorite outfit by this point, you need to reevaluate.

Local Natives – Who Knows Who Cares (Wax Nostalgic Remix)

This song is definitely a head-bobber. It amplifies the range of the pitches in the original and speeds it up. Try sitting still and quiet through this one.

Hayden James – Something About You (Odesza remix)

Odesza is bae, and apparently so is Hayden James. This intro is just perfect. The piano and beeping tones coming through the background, and then that voice. DAMNDANIEL. Favorites: the build up to 1:40, and the trap/dub vibes that break, the guitar build up at 3:15, and 3:30 with the repetitive vocals.

Author: Kimberly Sass

Kimberly grew up in East Amherst, NY, a suburb of the snowiest city in the universe (Buffalo), and now is a city dweller. She is a practicing architectural designer by day, professional ice hockey goaltender for the Buffalo Beauts/artist/photographer by night. Kimberly gets sassy when she hasn’t painted or explored with her Rebel in over a week. While crushing a workout, drafting the next Libeskind-esque perfection, editing photo shoots, or painting her next masterpiece, Kimberly loves to search for her new favorite tracks on YouTube. She has earned default car and locker room DJ positions over the years. She suffered a near fatal heart attack when Majestic Casual’s YouTube Channel got removed for 24 hours. Her favorite tracks are usually pick-me-ups, strut-your-stuff down main street jams, that allow her to #staysassy.

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