Ex-Girlfriends Drop New Single, “Slay”



“You’re Next”

With molar masticating aggression, Ex-Girlfriends samba through an inferno of grimy guitar licks with subway whirring speed. Heather Cousins’ deliberately drunken lilt bends back the bowstrings, perfectly, on the Brooklyn band’s second single, “Slay”. There’s a distinguished sense of peril and glee that goofy foots over the song’s brisk two-minute running time. The band provides lackadaisical nuance as they harmonize, almost sardonically, over raucously glib drums.

If this is a faithful indicator, “Slay” is the perfect bayonet charge for the New York-based band’s debut LP, “You’re Next”. Releasing on February 2nd through Little Dickman Records, the album is about to hit the road with Ex-Girlfriends as they rollick across the west coast on a zigzagging journey of mercurial abandon (and hopefully some Tarra Thiessen tarot card readings).

Cinema Spartan will be at the ensemble’s February 11th show at Tower Bar, where the goddamn Avengers – Big Bloom, Ex-Girlfriends, and Fruit & Flowers – assemble for one night. In the interim, here is “Slay” by Ex-Girlfriends in all of its chaotically focused glory.


Author: Rob Patrick

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